Wednesday, 10 December 2008

1 Today!

Here's Lara at 7am, playing with the Farmyard Shape Sorter that Eve has given her - At Eve's birthday party Lara loved playing with it! Now she's got one of her own.
Lara had another good night last night, although we messed her normal routine about. It was the Christmas Party at the nursery yesterday afternoon, and although Lara wouldn't normally be there on a Tuesday, she was allowed to go to the party. It was only for an hour, but it meant that she didn't have any afternoon nap at all, and by the time I'd wandered round Asda with her after work, getting lots of party nibbles for tonight, she was absolutely exhausted, and she slept in her pram from 6pm until almost 10pm, then had dinner in front of the TV - we're setting her a good example! - then her bath before a very late bedtime. Well, you're only 0.9973 years old once. After a bit of a struggle to get her back to sleep, not surprisingly, she slept through until 4.50am, but again I was a bit selfish and gave her a minute or two to settle back down before getting up, and she duly obliged. She even slept through while Olga had a shower this morning, only waking when the hairdryer started up. Once she woke up properly and had her yoghurt, she was in a really good mood, even better than normal, and she loved playing with her first new toy of the day, the farmyard shape sorter. We'll open the rest of the cards and presents this afternoon; Olga is getting out of work in London early, and I'll pick Lara up from nursery at 4pm. The plan is for the grown-ups to crack open a bottle of bubbly at 17.12, the time of Lara's birth....
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