Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Off school already!

Lara had a disturbed night last night, lots of sniffles and gurgles and some effort required to get her back to sleep, although once she got to sleep she slept until 8.30. We decided not to send her to nursery today, and Olga took her to the GP this morning. She recommended calpol four times a day for today and tomorrow, and if Lara doesn't seem to be improving then she also gave Olga a prescription for antibiotics; she couldn't say if it was a viral infection (just a bad cold) or a bacterial infection yet as the symptoms are the same. If it's bacterial then Lara will need the antibiotics, and antibiotics means she has to stay away from nursery. Part of our office looks like the set for those Andrex adverts, with the little boy in the suit (or the current advert with "dress down Friday" which I like) as Olga's brought Lara in, and we've set up the creche in an unused office downstairs. Lara is asleep in her buggy as I type this in that office, while Olga is on a call to Houston upstairs.

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