Saturday, 13 September 2008

Lara Update

We started Lara on her antibiotics on Thursday afternoon around teatime; not a pleasant experience for anyone involved, it's a syringe full of bright yellow goo that we have to squirt into Lara's mouth. It smells of banana, and despite that being one of Lara's favourite foods, it certainly isn't the texture of banana, and there are tears whenever Olga administers it. Lara's not eating or drinking anywhere near as much as she would normally, which is our biggest concern, but all we can do is try to feed her and offer her water frequently. Olga is breastfeeding her too which certainly helps. Lara was sick a couple of times on Wednesday and Thursday, including after her first antibiotics, but - touch wood - she's not been sick since, and she's had four doses since then.
She slept a little better last night, much of the time in her cot rather than in our bed, which is encouraging. Hopefully she'll continue to improve and be back to normal by Monday. Olga and I, on the other hand, are now going in the opposite direction and the lempsips and strepsils are out in force!

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