Monday, 8 September 2008

The First School Run and other things!

Today was a big day - our first School Run. We fulfil the requirement of having a big 4x4, but we failed miserably on the rubbish, selfish parking aspect that is required for a proper School Run; we're lucky that the Marlow Day Nursery has a large car parking area, and we were quite early - 8.10am. The plan is to get Lara to nursery this early so the staff can give her her porridge rather than us feeding her at home, and to this end we need to get her there well before 8.30, which is when "breakfast feeding time" finishes.
Lara has her own peg in the babies room, and her raincoat has her name written in for the time being, until the name tags I've ordered arrive and Olga sows them into Lara's clothes.
We'll pop in to check on her at lunchtime today, but secretly so she doesn't know we're there, in case this upsets her. We're pretty confident that she'll be OK, she seems to enjoy the company of other children, and didn't mind at all when left there for an hour on Friday morning. 8 hours might be a different matter of course!

We'll be popping in because we'll be driving past on the way to pick Mishka up from kennels; it was strange to come home yesterday afternoon from the wedding reception and not hear Mishka yelping as soon as he sees us pull up in the car. It did make things a little easier this morning when we getting things ready, as I didn't have to walk him and it was one less job to do, but it'll be great to get him back home again, and see how excited he is to see us again.

Other Lara news - she is now officially a Dual National; Olga checked on the Russian Embassey's website today and Lara's Russian Citizenship has been confirmed, so we can proceed with the application for her Russian passport, which should be a formality, once we've filled in the required forms in duplicate and had six more photographs taken.
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