Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Did we speak too soon?

We came back down to earth with a slight bump last night when Lara showed signs of having a cold; the symptoms have come on rather quickly if she only picked up the bug at nursery, maybe she got something at the wedding over the weekend. Either way she was pretty snotty last night, and I spent the night in her room sshing her when she stirred, but she seemed brighter and less snotty this morning, and her temperature had gone down from 37.8 to 37.2 overnight, so we'll monitor her today and see if she's up to going to nursery tomorrow - they have rules on whether kiddies can attend if they're ill, of course.

On the Mishka front, he was of course happy to see us, but the kennels owner told us he'd not eaten a thing over the weekend. We took him home and prepared some food for him, and he tucked in and ate most of it, then in the evening and this morning he polished his food off again, so we're happy he's not ill, he just wasn't a happy doggy while he was in there. It does throw a question mark over leaving him in kennels for any longer than a weekend, but also we hope that now he knows that we're not leaving him there for good, and next time he might be more relaxed. We'll also tell the kennel owner about this when we next leave him so they can keep a close eye on him.

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