Monday, 14 July 2008

A Very Happy Birthday

It was my 34th birthday yesterday, and I had a great time. I was allowed a lie-in, and Olga had even arranged a day with very nice weather.
The morning was spent getting the place tidied up before our friends arrived at lunchtime. We'd not seen Rob & Lizz and their daughter, Juliet, since our wedding 2 years ago, so it was lovely to catch up with them, and see how Juliet had grown. We had a barbeque and a couple of drinks, just relaxing on the decking in the sunshine; of course there were a couple of photographs taken:

Rob & Lizz left just after 3, and at 4.30 Chris & Cara popped by on their way back from a camping weekend, returning our tent undamaged (I've not checked, yet, Chris!! :-) ) We just restarted the barbie, and went for a stroll down to the Wendover pub at the bottom of our road to see what it's like now it's been refurbished; it gets the thumbs up!

Lara had been very good all day, almost showing off to visitors how good she can be at eating in her high chair - she's not always so cooperative when it's just Olga & me!

It was still nice and warm outside after Olga got Lara off to sleep, so we relaxed on the decking with the fire burning, and I had a couple of glasses of the Lagavulin Single Malt Olga had bought me.

If I have to get a year older, it was a very nice way to do it!

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