Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Anniversary Meal

We went for a Chinese at the Jasmine Peking restaurant in Marlow after work yesterday, it was lovely. We treated ourselves to a bottle of Moet, Olga was pleased she could drink more than one glass - last year she's was limited by her pregnancy. It was nice and quiet when we first sat down just after 6, and Lara was well behaved, just playing in the car seat next to the table, being entertained by the waitresses who liked to smile and wave at her. By the time the main course arrived a large group of diners from an office had arrived, and Lara was more restless, she we took turns to hold her and eat, which with chopsticks is no mean feat. The owner stopped by to see how the meal was, and he offered to hold Lara while we finished our meal, and she entertained the other diners, even being photographed by one of them.

After that we went to Chris & Cara's place, they were having friends over for a barbie, so we changed and fed Lara and she dropped off in the car seat in the garden, well wrapped up. It turned into a bit of a late one, we took a taxi home (Marlow Express Cars, 01628 487722 - very reasonable prices!) just after midnight. This upset Lara's routine and she had a restless night, as did the rest of us. It's only once a year, though :-)

Here are a couple of photos I found while I was digging around on my phone, from this weekend. Lara hasn't quite grasped the rules of pool in the Wendover pub, from Sunday evening:

Here we are about to trawl round Asda first thing on Saturday morning, Lara's first trip in this kind of trolley, we've only had her in the big car-seat-carrying ones before. She seemed to enjoy being able to look round, and did try to grab a few things off shelves that weren't on Dad's list:

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