Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Happy Anniversary - 2 years and still going strong

It's our Wedding Anniversary today, I didn't forget! We had hoped to go to the Bird In Hand this evening, where we had the wedding reception. We would like to eat in the restaurant rather than the bar, to make it more special and rekindle those memories, but it doesn't open until 7pm in the evenings and we don't want to subject Lara to a couple of hours in the car seat on the floor next to the table when she wants to be in bed. So I think we'll go to a restaurant in Marlow or Wycombe after I finish work, then we can go to the Bird for a meal during a weekend.

To mark the special occasion, I'll release some previously unseen photos; unseen because they were taken on my film camera rather than the digital and it took us sometime to get the film developed!

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