Monday, 17 March 2008

A quiet weekend

It was a quietish weekend this weekend, the weather put pay to any ideas I had of getting things done in the garden, and even poor Mishka missed out on playing with Daisy in our back garden yesterday because of the wind and the rain.
We did go down to the new Eden centre on Saturday afternoon, it's very nice, with lots of glass roofs to give the place an open feeling without being rained on. Olga's already planning long mornings wandering round the shops, so the sooner Gap have a sale on baby clothes, the better, although we did buy a few outfits on this visit - their stuff is just so nice.
Lara's had a bit of a skrikey weekend, she's not been wanting to go to bed, her routine has been a bit messed up for a few days, so we'll make an effort to get her back on track and she might return to going to sleep at 8 or 9 pm rather than 12.30am like last night.
I've been passing the time trying to plan a camping trip next month, Olga and I both have the urge to make the most of the English countryside, and camping's the cheapest way to do it! But it can be good fun too. More details as and when I've sorted things out.
Ah, a short week this week :-)

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