Friday, 21 March 2008

Gap Kids & the week so far

There are some new photos in Lara's "New pics" album (see the top link on the left) taken with her wearing some of her nap clothes from Gap Kids in the Eden centre.
It's not been a bad week, she's had her ups and downs, one night she slept from 9ish until 6am, but on other nights Olga's been up at 12, 4 or 5. For the first time too this week I took her for a drive in the evening so get her off to sleep, it worked fine while she was in the car, but she woke again as soon as we were home!!
We went to a colleague's daughter's first birthday party yesterday, it was a very Russian event, including some authentic home-made vodka, which made me glad I didn't have to operate any heavy machinery last night. I didn't go blind so it can't have been that bad. 65% ABV apparently...

Today we've had a lazyish day, we all had a lie-in then went shopping, then had a family walk with Mishka, exploring a nature reserve we didn't know was there, not far from home. It starts in the industrial estate behind the house! I'm off to bring Lucy over from Reading when I've finished posting here, then there should be some jobs to do but, hey, it's Friday night....

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