Thursday, 7 February 2008

Weight and Jabs update

We both took Lara to the GP today to get her weighed and give her her first 2 of 7 jabs. She's up to 10lbs 8 oz now, which means she's put 8oz on in a week, which is better than expected. We measured her the other night and she's 58cm long, which is longer than an 8 week old should be, and technically we should only be gauging her against 5 week old babies, so we reckon she's going to be tall!
I held her for the jabs, after the nurse had given me suitable instructions on the best way to hold her, with that expression that women who regularly hold babies have for men who don't. Let's see her open a new jar of pickled onions or something, eh, fellas!?
Anyway, she was very brave (Lara, not the nurse) and only soon stopped crying after the injections (or was it because I gave her back to Olga?).

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