Thursday, 7 February 2008

Other things this week

The Superbowl finish was quite exciting, I will own up tp napping during the Third and Fourth Quarters, but I woke up in time for the final two plays, which saw the Giants score a touchdown to win the game. I missed the pass that set it up, which has since been proposed as the Best Catch in Superbowl History. It was a good one, the Quarterback doing well to evade three tacklers and the receiver pinning the ball against his helmet, one-handed, as he fell. Here's a You Tube video of someone's TV who was watching the highlights (the only way to get round the NFL's copyright!). The replays from about 45 seconds onwards are what matter:

Lara should be safe in the car for our trip up to Radcliffe this weekend now, I bought a Dog Guard to go in the boot of the car to stop Mishka from jumping over the back seats from the boot. I've been assured by the firm I bought it from, and from their advert on eBay, that this will fit in our CRV. I'm not convinced, the box reckons we need an extension unit for 4x4s... I'm going to fit it tonight so we'll see who's right.

We're very much looking forward to our road trip this weekend, but the car is going to be very full! Even more so for the last hour or so on the way home, as we're calling in at Swindon to pick up a big play-rug we bought on eBay for the nursery. At 2.4m x 1.6m it's going to take some room in the boot with Mishka, even when it's rolled up!

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