Friday, 15 February 2008

Lucy's birthday this weekend

The even this weekend is Lucy's birthday. I had planned to leave Olga in Reading with Lucy on Saturday evening then come and pick them both up in the wee small hours when they were ready to come home (Lara sleeps well in the car seat so it wouldn't really bother her regardless of the time).
However, I had a bright idea that would mean the girls get a nice girly night, and I don't have to wake up and do an hour round trip to pick them up - I've booked them a room in the swish new Novotel in the very centre of Reading. During the week this place is ridiculously expensive but at the weekends it's very good value. For £59 they'll get a nice room (to share!) and access to the swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi. They don't get breakfast but hotel breakfasts are a notorious rip-off anyway, and there are a million cafes and even McDonalds just across the road if they need a proper hangover cure. They even get a free late-check out on Sunday until 5pm, so a big thumbs up goes to Novotel for actually offering good value for money! I'll come over with Lara and maybe Mishka mid-morning on Sunday and we might go for a walk. The Novotel in Reading even takes pets, so we'll remember this for future weekends.

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