Friday, 15 February 2008

A lovely weekend

Time for a catch up - it's been a few days. We drove up to Radcliffe on Friday after I finished work - it was hard to believe we set off at 5.30pm on a Friday; we hardly had to slow for traffic all the way up and arrived before 8.30pm. It probably took longer to pack all the bags for Olga, me, Lara and Mishka than it did to drive up there!
The weather was lovely all weekend, we went for some nice walks with Mishka, and even went to check out a swanky pet "spa" where we probably will get him groomed in a month or two - it's considerably cheaper than daaarn sowff. Mum & Dad looked after Lara on Saturday night while Olga & I went out for our first "night off night out" in Bury; we went for a very nice meal in Bury's only Chinese restaurant (it turns out my three phrases of Chinese are Mandarin not Cantonese. I never knew that) then went for a few beers in the Two Tubs pub (for those who know Bury!). It was lovely to relax, and reassuring to know Lara was fine when I checked in by phone at 10.30!
Sunday was a nice lazy day, with another stroll with Mishka, and Cath & Lizzie, I washed the car (the first time I'd done that since the days when Dad paid me to do it) and we watched the footy on TV. It was a good idea to have Monday off work so we didn't need to drive home on Sunday night. It was an equally nice drive home on Monday in perfect weather, and we stopped off to pick up a rug for the nursery that we bought on eBay. Even when we got stuck in traffic, it was only for 5 minutes, and that was because people (ok, us included) were gawking at the air ambulance on the other carriageway of the M5 which had landed to collect the driver of a lorry which was being pulled out of a ditch at the side of the motorway.
The only blot on the landscape was my runny nose and fuzzy head....

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