Friday, 15 February 2008

Cough Cough, Splutter Splutter

Yup, I caught a cold whilst up in Radcliffe. This one was a good one too, by the time I got up at 5.30am on Tuesday morning to take Lara downstairs to watch the cricket and let Olga sleep, I knew there was no way I was going to work, I felt dreadful. I also knew there was no point trying to keep the germs away from Lara, she was going to get this cold and there wasn't really much point in trying to prevent that.
So I had Tuesday and Wednesday off work, and on Tuesday night Lara really started suffering, she screamed for a good two hours, almost non stop, in the late evening. She couldn't really feed properly because she couldn't breathe through her nose, and this made her irritable. Combine that with me still feeling crap and Olga trying desperately to clean the house before hosting the NCT Post-Natal meeting on Wednesday, and Tuesday evening wasn't the best we've had. It was 1.30am before I could get Lara off to sleep by rocking her in the car seat, then Olga took her to bed with her while I slept upstairs out of the way.
Since then Lara's not been too bad, now we know she has this trouble eating, so she is crying more than usual, but she's not really screaming in discomfort. Olga called the GP surgery on Wednesday morning for some advice, and they just suggested monitoring her temperature, and make sure it stays below 38 degrees, which it was. There's not much else we can do - we are trying to use one of those suction thingys to suck the snot from her nostrils, but even the smallest tube is still a little too big to fit into her nostril! We've bought her some Calpol medicine to help her sleep if she needs it, but we've not had to use it yet, if she gets off to sleep then she's OK for a good few hours, as usual, but it's just proving to take more time to get her to sleep.
The big thing for Friday is we hope to have her passport photos taken. The rules say that for babies under 6 months they don't have to look at the camera or even have their eyes open. We'll see how easy it is!

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