Saturday, 26 January 2008

I Am Legend

I went to see the film I am Legend on Tuesday after work; it was pretty good, I like almost all Will Smith's films, and much like watching 28 Days Later, it was strange but fun to see the streets of a city you recognise while they are deserted. The film does well to avoid the usual Hollywood temptation of shoe-horning a love story into a plot where there doesn't need to be one, although there is one bubbling under the surface (they couldn't possibly make a film without any trace!). A couple of bits stick in the memory though, being a new-found dog lover, you couldn't help be touched by the fate of his dog, Sam (I'll not give too much away though!) and it made me think about Mishka, but then there's the car.
There are two sports cars I adore - one is the blue 1967 AC Cobra in another of Will Smith's films, Bad Boys, and the other is pretty much any Ford Mustang. I've rented two Mustangs during trips to the States, I just think they're great.
Well I am Legend has the best of both - the 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500:

The basic model starts at just $40,000... well, I can dream!

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