Saturday, 26 January 2008

Change of plans

We were planning to go to Southampton today, but Lara had her most fractious day so far yesterday, she wasn't very happy at all while I was bathing her, and after a nine-and-a-half hour day at work without a break, and a tough evening with Lara, I didn't think any of us could face an early start this morning.
So I'm listening to the game now on BBC Radio Hampshire via the internet, it's 0-0 after 20 minutes. We've just had a lovely walk round the block, and popped into our local pub for a Guinness - having been under threat of redevelopment as flats late last year, but after a word with the dog-friendly current landlord, it seems there is a convenant on the building which has prevented this.
I have put a couple of bets on the Liverpool v Havant game, the main one I wanted to put on was that Havant would lead at some point, but I didn't fully understand the betting slip, so I didn't go through with the bet... guess what - Havant are currently leading! I've got money on Harry Kewell to score the last goal in a 4-1 win to Liverpool, I placed that bet before I saw the team line ups - Kewell isn't in the squad!

Now Havant are 1-2 up. Doh.

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