Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Smoke me a kipper

It's a bit smoky here today, as this article in the Calgary Herald explains. It made for a nice sunrise this morning when I was taking Dan to nursery, and I whilst you can't exactly smell the smoke, I did catch myself coughing a little bit, and my eyes got a little watery as I walked the dogs. It's all thanks to forest fires in Washington state and BC.

Tea-time update
OK, now visibility is very reduced, down to a couple of miles from the usual 20-30 miles, and you can definitely tell there's something not too pleasant in the air (cue a Blackadder quote about Baldrick's breath). Normally on the drive to Dan's nursery you'd be able to see Calgary, 15 miles to the south, but today it's a struggle to see the end of the road:

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