Thursday, 27 August 2015

Let sleeping dogs lie... On new beds

We felt it only fair that given we have moved to a new home, the dogs were entitled to new beds to go with it. What we've found in the past is that we buy a large bed for Mishka, and a smaller bed for Jackson (Jackson's last bed was actually better quality and probably more comfy than Mishka's), but Jackson doesn't respect this idea - he decides which bed he'll sleep on, and it's usually the bigger one. We can tell him to move, and he begrudgingly slopes off to his smaller bed, and Mishka sheepishly creeps onto his bed, but it doesn't last.
So, in order to try and make things fair on Mishka, we've bought them the same, large bed, now that we have enough room to put them down (although not quite enough room to put them next to each other!). 
Both a re a bit wary about lying on them, Mishka initially resorted to dozing on the floor yesterday, which Jackson found the pile of towels we use to wipe their feet after walks more appealing. But I think they'll soon realise that those beds are them and not the kids (who could easily sleep on them too!) and equality will reign.

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