Tuesday, 25 August 2015

New Look Lara

For some time the topic of Lara's hair has been discussed here, with debates on whether to have it cut shorter or not. She has had a couple of trims in the past, but really it's been left to grow to its natural length since she was born.
Today all that changed, and for a good cause. We'd heard about Angel Hair for Kids around Airdrie as some children had donated hair to children who had lost their own through medical conditions or treatment, and the donated hair was made into wigs. So this afternoon Lara went to see Frank, Olga's hairdresser, who also happens to be Lara's piano teacher, and she had at least 30cm taken off, and the result is an older-looking Lara:

Frank put some colour streaks in too, just for fun:

And some before, during and after pics:

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