Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Midsomer Murders filming

The makers of Midsomer Murders spent a few days filming at Littlewick Green at the start of May, and they wanted to include some shots of a cricket match in progress. So ten of the players from the cricket club turned up on a cold, windy Wednesday morning to stage a game. We were treated to bacon sandwiches whilst they filmed a scene before they needed us. Then it was time to perform, and I made sure I was going to be the bowler. The director filmed a "long shot" from the balcony of the village hall, whilst we played, then he moved the cameras on to the square, and filmed a close up of the batsman. The director knew cricket, and asked our batsman to hit the ball down to the 3rd man area, and he placed the camera so as to get the best view of this kind of shot. This meant I had to bowl the ball in the right place for the batsman to hit it there, and I was worried we'd be there for an hour trying to get it right, but as it was we got it right on only the third delivery. The director then turned the camera to film me in my run up, and filmed several deliveries - the camera was close to the ground, so I don't know if you'll see all of me, or only my legs! And that's if they use the shots at all, but look out for it on ITV in late June or July. I think the episode will be called Death of a Diva...

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