Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Beer, Grass, House Hunting & a walkabout dog

Other things going on in the past few weeks - we had our annual trip to the Reading Beer Festival on Bank Holiday Sunday, Lara was desperate to get there to play on the bouncy castle with her friends Eve and Tess, she was asking about it for days in advance. The girls also had their make-up done:

This has been the wettest drought in history, it's rained almost every day for the 6 weeks since a hosepipe ban was announced. However, this last weekend was dry, and after getting my first cricket match of the summer in on Saturday, I was able to mow the lawns for the first time since March on Sunday. Here's a before and after :-)

Lara enjoyed having a picnic while I mowed around her..

(that's not Danny's pram, by the way, it's for Lara's dolls!)
Hopefully I'll only have to mow that lawn one more time before we move out; we've been filling in all the necessary paperwork for the solicitors for the sale, and it should all be sent back to them tomorrow.
While that's all being processed, we'll carry on with househunting, with a view to starting to visit potential properties in June.
We had some fun and games on Saturday night, after we got home from cricket at Littlewick Green, where Olga, Lara and Danny had spent much of the day, with Lara climbing trees and making pretend camp fires in the woods. We let the dogs out into the back garden to do their business, and when I called them back in after a couple of minutes, only Mishka returned... Jacky had disappeared again. I did two laps of Deeds Grove calling for him to no avail, so I got in the car and started driving round the estate, before Olga called to say a woman had phoned - Jacky had turned up at their house, a quarter of a mile away, and they were looking after him! I got the address and popped home to grab a  bottle of wine as a thank-you, and went to collect the little tearaway. Sometimes he's just too friendly, although we suspect he escaped to chase one of our fox family!
Only a month now till our holiday, yayy! And tomorrow Danny is off to the Doc's for some injections, Lara will be keen to know if he cries or not - she loves to boast how she never did for her injections...

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