Sunday, 29 April 2012

The House Hunt is ON

Away from anything Danil-related, our other big news is that we accepted an offer on our house on Thursday. It's been the only offer so far, and after a few back-and-forth phone calls over a 10 day period with the estate agent, we agreed on an acceptable price. The purchasers are first time buyers, and we'll be renting a house somewhere, so there is no chain at either end to spoil things, so we're really hoping this can go through smoothly. Given that we had no problems reported from our searches or survey when we bought this place, and the buyers have a deposit and mortgage offer in hand, this is about as good a situation as it gets, and we might be out of here by the end of June. 
We haven't decided where our next home will be yet! Within reason, we could work pretty much anywhere in the country, given that we work from home. We will run our ideas past the bosses at work and make sure they're ok with it, before we draw up a list of places to go and see. We won't be signing any agreements until we've exchanged contracts on this place, of course, and we've agreed with the buyers to have a four-week window between exchange and completion to allow us to find somewhere, sign the papers, and pack up our considerable amount of possessions! Whilst we're not counting our chickens before the contracts are exchanged, getting to this point is a big relief after being on the market for a while, and having more than 30 viewings without an offer.
So, evenings are currently occupied with scouring Rightmove's website.... we're looking for somewhere big, semi-rural, and cheaper than the mortgage we're currently paying. Anyone have any suggestions!?

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