Sunday, 29 April 2012

6 Week Report

Danny had his final visit from the Health Visitor the week before last, when he was 5 weeks old, and she weighed him in at 5.02kg, putting him on the 75th percentile. His jaundice has sorted itself out, although the though persisted that he might have a small hernia. This was disproved at Danny's 6 week GP appointment earlier this week, and the GP was happy with his progress, and she commented on how Danny smiles when he heard Olga's voice.  We've noticed that he smiles at Lara's voice too, and occasionally at mine. We ganged up on him this morning to see if I could capture him mid-smile, and he obliged:

There's still no discernable pattern to his feeding, but last night was a very good night, when he went 7 hours 20 minutes between feeds, from when Olga put him to bed, until sometime in the middle of the night (I was asleep!!). Then he went another 5 hours before having an 8.30am breakfast.  We wonder if that was something to do with us all going to Windsor Leisure Centre yesterday afternoon for a play in their water park. It's not huge, but it had some slides for the kids, some wave action every half hour, and two bigger slides, one of which I took Lara on a couple of times. Danny went for a dip in the pool for 5 minutes or so, and after a couple of seconds of complaining, he didn't cry during that time, so we'll assume he enjoyed it. Lara certainly did, and pretty much hasn't stopped asking when we can go back.  What else might have contributed to Danny's good sleep was fresh air just before bed, as Olga took him in the BabyBjorn to walk the dogs in the evening. That was during a brief lull in the terrible weather we've had all weekend, so he didn't get to walk the dogs again tonight, but he did have 30 minutes in the back garden with Olga and Lara this afternoon. As I type now it's been four hours and he's still sleeping - so far so good.
Concious that we haven't put too many pics up of him, here are some from the past 10 days:

 Looking puzzled

 Looking chubby

 Looking irked

 Looking ready to walk the dogs

This one will come out in years to come to embarrass the kids in front of new friends

Potential Boris Johnson hair?

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