Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cycling, Foxes & School

On Easter Sunday I was determined that we'd head out as a family on our bikes. The easiest place to cycle around here in complete safety is around Dorney Lake, where the 2012 Olympics rowing events will take place, it's very near Windsor.
I fitted our new bike carrier to the spare wheel on the back of our car, and loaded Olga's new bike and my bike on to, most likely going beyond the recommended weight limit, but after gingerly driving for a few minutes it was clear that whilst the bikes were moving ever-so-slightly, they weren't going to fall off.  Lara's bike went in the boot - it'll be an interesting challenge to fit the dogs in the car when the time comes that everyone - them included - head off for a cycle ride. That's for another time, though. This trip was about getting Olga comfortable cycling with Danny strapped to her in the BabyBjorn, and using our Trail-Gator to hook Lara's bike up to mine.
Happily it all worked out really well, and despite the weather the adventure was a complete success, and I can't wait for some better weather so we can explore further afield. Eventually we will try with the dogs attached, you can buy special fittings for attaching dogs to bikes, using a spring to dampen any sudden movement they might make. We might actually get a basket for Jackson, and he can have a free ride. Mishka would be quite happy trotting alongside me, I think, though I will practise without Lara's bike attached first!
Here's some footage from the afternoon:

The other big news after Easter was that we found out Lara has got a place at our first choice school for September, Chepping View Primary School. We're assuming at the moment that we won't have sold the house by then, and that Lara will be going there. I'm excited already about buying the school uniform she'll need! We need to find out her exact start date so we can book a holiday just beforehand, making the most of the last time we can go on hols before paying the school-holidays-rip-off-premium prices!

Finally, we noticed last week that the local fox has given birth to two cubs, and they spend some time each morning playing in next-door's garden. Altogether now, awwwwwwwww:

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