Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What a match! (Wimbledon, not England)

I'm a loss for words about that match that is going on at Wimbledon. Play was suspended in the 5th set at 9.10pm after 10 hours of play with the score at 59 games all. We first noticed the score around 6pm when it was merely 30-30. Olga dragged me off to have some food in Marlow at about 36-36. When we left after 2 courses, it was 48-48. When the Germany-Ghana game finished at 9.15, play had just been suspended with the score at 59-59! I can't wait to see how it finishes tomorrow. I really hope the Queen asks to meet the players, they certainly deserve it. I can't think of another sporting equivalent to this game. Atherton's 185 not out in South Africa in Johannesburg in 1995 must come close, but he had numerous lengthy breaks for trivial things like food or sleep. But then again the South Africans could rest their bowlers...

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