Monday, 28 June 2010

A quick trip to Radcliffe

There was no league cricket for Littlewick Green this weekend, so we took the opportunity to go to Radcliffe and see Grandma and Grandpa. We're getting good at packing now, and Lara needs less "stuff", which meant we were able to get Olga, Lara, me, Luda and the dogs into the car with our stuff and I could still see out of the back window. The weather was lovely, and we had a trip round the famous Bury Market on Saturday morning, stocking up on loads of BBQ food, and finding a curtain salesman who spoke some Russian as well. Handy really, as we needed some blackout lining for Lara's curtains..
On Sunday we left Lara with Grandma and took the boys for a walk up Holcombe Hill to see Peel Tower, then it was back to the house in time to fire up the BBQ again before the big game. Oh well, the less said the better, but it was the right result in the end, England were rubbish, although I agree with the rest of the world that it could have been vrey different if that Frank Lampard "goal" had been given. Surely FIFA cannot resist using technology for at least goal-line incidents for long.
We took a more scenic route home though the Peak District for a change last night, it made a pleasant change, and was only 10 minutes longer than the usual M6/M40 route home, so I'll use this route again in future, plus there was no motorway toll :-)
Here are some photos...

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