Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Where to watch "The Game"

Today's big decision is where to watch the game this afternoon. The Boss has insisted that there should be no drinking in the office, and so everyone must go to the pub next door with its beer garden and big screens. He goes on..."no-one should return to the office drunk, so they must stay in the pub after the game". You see why I've worked here for 12 years!! The employees are actually revolting a little, we're suggesting getting some beer and pizza in the office and watching it on a big screen in our meeting room (streamed over the internet, thus breaking two corporate policies of no alcohol in the office and no streaming TV on the company's internet line). Either way, Olga and I have made the sensible decision to get the bus to work, leaving the car at home, and Aunty Lucy is coming over today as well and will help Baba Luda with Lara while we're "working".
Come on Ennggerrrrrrrlaaaand. I'm predicting a nerveless, straightforward, "what was all the fuss about" 3-0 win. I need to say that as I've got a fiver on England making the Final and am growing a goatee for as long as England are in the tournament.

In the beer garden next to my office, they've turned the TVs on already (11.50am) so I can listen to all the build-up!

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