Thursday, 4 June 2009

We survived!

It's the last night before Olga comes home, and there have been no disasters! My routine with Lara and Mishka improved as the week progressed, to the extent that the kids were happy enough to allow me to watch a film this evening - each night it's been earlier and earlier that I've been able to sit down on the sofa with a beer once all the jobs had been done.
I don't think Lara's appreciated that Olga's been away. We normally rotate the morning and evening jobs anyway, so it's not that unusual that I've been getting her ready in the mornings and feeding & bathing her in the evenings, and Lara's been her usual good self at sleeping, although earlier in the week I think the warm temperatures made her more restless than usual. Being at nursery all day every day has helped, as she only has one sleep there, and it can be as late as 6pm when I collect her, so she's exhausted. Although she's always running about and playing when I do pick her up. It's definitely one of the high points of the day - she'd be playing out in the garden at nursery, I'd come out and watch her for a few moments, and she seems really happy and comfortable there. Then I'd call her name, and she recognises my voice and her name, and there's a little pause while she looks around for me, then it's a big, cheesy smile and she comes running over.
I watched Hotel Rwanda tonight, I recorded it on Sky months ago, and have been dying to watch it. It would have been moving before Lara came along, but since I've become a Dad, these kinds of films have a very different effect on me, it's much easier to empathise with people's actions when their children, and others' children, are threatened. If you've not seen it, you should, and admire the man portrayed by Don Cheadle.

I've just checked and Olga's flight is expected on time, arriving at 6.20am. Lara and I will get up early to go and meet her - seeing as it's the first time she's been away! Next time, if she arrives that early, I reckon we might wait at the front door for her taxi to drop her off at home!

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