Monday, 1 June 2009

First Blood (not the Rambo film)

We had our first bit of unwanted excitment last Thursday, when Lara and I were playing around before tea on the floor of the lounge, and she tripped forward and headbutted me. I could feel the impact had been under her eye, on the side of her nose, and indeed there were tears, followed by a reasonable trail of blood from her left nostril. This initial flow last only two or three minutes, and within five minutes she had calmed down (with the aid of Dr Iggle Piggle) and returned to her normal self, as if nothing had happened. The fact she was very calm, and the bleeding had stopped so quickly, reassured us that there wasn't any damage done, and it was just a good old-fashioned "bust nose". It was a relief to us all, but just another experience to tick off, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and it was just good that it happened at home, where we were able to look after her and Dr Piggle was on hand to administer hugs and kisses.
I'm only really posting about this to reassure other new parents out there that, whilst it's shocking for the first few seconds, once you've established that nothing's broken, dislocated, fallen off or otherwise in need of professional help, it's nothing that can't be fixed with a favourite toy, a kiss and food. (Ok, and plenty of tissues, wipes and a bunch of clothes, including Papa's t-shirt, going into the "Quick Wash" cycle).
We did tell nursery about this the next morning so they wouldn't panic if Lara started picking bloody bogies during the day! Lara is probably having her fair share of clumsy bumps at the moment, that very next day when we picked her up, we had another form from the nursery detailing how Lara had walked into a piece of furniture and had a bruise on her forehead.. that's her third in as many months, at least!
Nursery confirmed something Grandma noticed last weekend - Lara's a tough cookie. It seems to take a properly hard fall or bump to make her cry, usually there seems to be a microsecond of shock, then this turns into two microseconds of frustration at herself or the object that got in her way, then she's up again as if nothing happened.

Long may that continue!

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