Monday, 1 June 2009

One day down, three to go

Today was just about how I thought it would be - a hectic morning getting the kids ready. Mishka will have to miss his morning walk this week, he'll have to put up with playing in the back garden while I get Lara ready for nursery. Lara did get me up twice in the night, which is unusual, but I think it was more because of the heat than missing Olga! All she needed was a drink of water the first time, and the second time she settled back on her own just as I was reaching for the nursery door handle! Typical!
The first thing I did this morning, around 7am, was check the BBC website to make sure there hadn't been a plane crash, specifically a BA flight to Johannesburg. There wasn't, so I relaxed, but by the time I sat at my desk at work at 9.30, news started coming in about the Air France flight that was "missing". Normally it's easy to feel detached from such a thing, you see the coverage on TV, you feel very sorry for the families involved, but this was different, knowing Olga was in the air at the same time. Just remember, air travel is still infinitely safer than road travel.
Olga rang me from her hotel this morning, everything was fine, the weather is clear but a little chilly. When we spoke this evening, she said it went dark around 6pm, and that one of the client's she'd met for lunch had advised her not to go out after dark in the area of her hotel, so I doubt she'll actually see much of Joburg on this trip!
Well, it's well after midnight, Lara's just asked me for a drink of water, she's thrown herself back down on her pillow, so I'll take this chance to get 6 hours of sleep myself.


Anton said...

Can I be a pedant and say that its not infintely safer than road travel? That would be impossible, unless no-one ever died or got injured.


Chris said...

Hmmmm, riiighht.
Anyway, thanks for reading, but surely now it's time for your medication and a lie down? :-)