Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Quite Interesting

A week flies by again! Last Thursday we rushed off into London on the 4pm train, and joined the queue for QI at 5.15, a full 90 minutes before the doors opened. The show is recorded at ITV's studios, funnily enough, on the South Bank. Have I Got News For You was being recorded too, and I must say the queue for QI was longer...
Once we were in the studio and seated, things moved quicker than I thought it would. There was a warm-up comedian who was actually pretty funny, and he was on for 15 minutes or so, then Stephen Fry came out, and things got started around 7.30. We were lucky with the guests - Jimmy Carr, Sue Perkins and Jack Dee, as well as Alan Davies, of course.
They recorded two hours of material - the theme was all things Gothic - so it'll be quite an editing job to get it down to 30 minutes. For the record, the audience scored the most points!
We left soon after 9.30, after trying unsuccessfully to get Stephen Fry to sign a Russian-language copy of his QI book, given to Olga by her mum.
We had a beer at Marylebone station on the way home, and were back at the house before midnight. Lara had been fine, we'd had no calls or texts from Lucy. In fact Lara had been so quiet that Lucy went into her room at one point to check on her!
It was a lovely evening out, especially as the tickets were free. We might do it again sometime, it's fine so long as you don't mind queuing for a while.

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