Wednesday, 20 May 2009

How's Lara?

Lara's struggling this week with a bit of a cold, on Sunday night she was coughing a lot, but some cough medicine before bed seems to have got that under control these past few nights, and she's slept quite well.
She was funny yesterday at nursery, we arrived there at the same time as one of the other children who Lara knows, a boy called James. James is a little older than Lara, and recently moved up to the next room at nursery for the toddlers. It had been noted before he moved that Lara and he were good friends who played together, and Lara was very affectionate towards him. Well, yesterday morning she recognised him as soon as she saw him being taken out of his Dad's car, and waved at him, then as they were going into the nursery, she ran up to him, and gave him such a kiss that I was worried for their teeth! Poor lad looked rather shocked... If that wasn't enough, she gave him another kiss as he went into his room before she set off toddling down the corridor to her room! Awwww, it was sweet!
She's clearly copying us more, and one of the things she likes to do is to walk around with a handbag (she got that off Olga, not me!), and after camping this weekend she loves her wellies, so much so that I couldn't resist creating a photo opportunity:

Don't worry, when we're out and about we do let her wear trousers!

We'll go and see Grandma and Grandad for the Bank Holiday weekend, so Lara will get spoilt rotten I'm sure... I hope she won't miss James (or her best girlfriend from nursery, Chloe!) too much :-)

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