Wednesday, 13 May 2009

How's Lara Doing?!

And how is the first lady of Deeds Grove? She's absolutely fine. She seems quite healthy, the coughs and colds of the last few months seem to have gone, save the odd coughing fit, and these seem to be during the night, when she's probably just thirsty. She's eating well, we're still mixing up fresh fruit, meat and vegetables with jar food, but she looks very healthy. We've not had her weighed for ages, but Luda measured her on holiday, when she was 80cm tall.
She's confident with her walking, and we can't work out if she's learning to run or if she's just over-balancing and then compensating. She rarely falls over at home, unless a rug, or dad's big feet, trip her up, but she did fall at nursery on Monday and Tuesday this week, but we're not worried about that, it'll happen.
She's still sleeping very well, most days we're either having to wake her up for nursery, around 7am, or she wakes at just the right time for us all to get up.
Over the weekend she showed us that she can play on her own on the top decking while we work in the garden, she's got her own little picnic table up there and there was a time on Sunday when she just sat herself down at the table and watched us work while she ate her lunch!

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