Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bank Holiday weekend

We drove up to Radcliffe early on Saturday morning to see Grandma and Grandad, the weather was a bit grey on Saturday but absolutely lovely on Sunday. It was great to be able to let Lara run about in the back garden, playing with Mishka. She enjoys playing fetch with him, and throws the ball equally well left and right handed:

My aunt and uncle came round, and we had a lovely BBQ in the sun - the only person who had suncream on was Lara, so both Olga and I got rather toasted. Olga and I went out for drinkies in Bury in the evening, Lara behaved perfectly and slept, well, like a baby. She did enjoy getting up early though, by her standards, at 6am on Sunday morning and although she woke at 6am on Monday, she very kindly went back to sleep in her cot until 7.40.
Here's more of Lara modelling the playsuit Baba Luda made for her for exactly times like this:

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