Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Ticking off those jobs...

So back to work today - for a rest!
The weather finally relented yesterday, and it was lovely from 10am onwards, which was all the better as we went to see some friends in the afternoon who were back visiting the UK after they emigrated to Oz a few years ago (hi Karen & Steve!). It did mean that we had the morning to get some last jobs done in the garden, like trimming the conifers and painting bits of the summerhouse that never got painted last year. I thought I wasn't too bad with heights, and this photos makes it look like I'm not very high up, but it's higher than it looks!!
The weather on Saturday and Sunday was very disappointing, just like Friday - wet! At least it was warm though. I had no choice but to get jobs done, as I'd hired the auger, ladders and scaffolding board until Tuesday. Saturday's job was to erect a fence to keep Mishka off Olga's veg patch. I decided to try and do it properly, by cementing the posts in. Well, it rained all day, I listened to three whole football matches on the radio while digging 6 post holes. That was a fun job in our very clayey, stony soil, and it was only after I'd popped to the DIY store after hole #3 (for more cement!) that I found the tool that made all the difference - a long, heavy pole with a sharp point on one end and a chisel-like blade on the other end. This halved the time it took to dig a 30-45cm hole, and meant that I pretty much finished the whole fence by 7pm, including hanging the gate. Then it was straight to the pub for a well-earned drink with Chris & Cara and back to ours with a Thai takeaway. Here's how the garden looked before and after (one photo taken this morning, with lovely sunshine, typical!!):

Sunday was another wet day, but after a late night on Saturday, and with some friends from Planet Airedale visiting us in the morning, we didn't achieve too much in the afternoon, other than some trimming of hedges, conifers and the apple tree. I did bottle out of trimming as much of the apple tree as we'd like as it got seriously high and I was using a rickety wooden ladder - I'd like to live long enough to see Lara grow up!! Oh, and I fitted the piece de resitance to the new gate - a spring so it closes on it's own, and I improvised a way of locking the gate shut after it turns out some git had nicked the important bolt out of the packet for the gate lock that I'd bought. Some people!!!! Is it sad when fixing a spring and lock are a highlight of Easter Sunday??!

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