Friday, 17 April 2009

St Petersburg Update

Our holiday is rushing up on us, nothing is packed yet, the currency hasn't been ordered, and I've not posted up our itinerary yet. I have checked the weather though, which makes interesting reading! I'll be leaving out the flip-flops and suncream, and packing scarf and gloves..

This is only the three-day forecast, on the BBC site you can get the five-day forecast, and it's suggesting Monday will be "light snow showers" and Tuesday will be "Sunny". Actually, those conditions would be perfect, much better than if it was predicting just grey skies and rain. Snow makes anything look prettier, and sunshine onto snow will make for some spectacular photographs (I'm servicing my cameras today, I'm being very prepared and taking four, which will mean leaving clothes out of my suitcase to make room... how we suffer for our art!).
I'm getting used to Russian weather - it did snow in June in Petrokamensk, after all, and that was at a lower latitude than St Petersburg.

Mishka's not going to be abandoned, Lucy is having a week's holiday from Reading and coming to house- and dog-sit for us.

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