Monday, 20 April 2009

The Eagles have Landed

Here's a post I tried to send yesterday but was defeated by PDA gremlins. We've got WiFi working in the hotel room now, so I've no more excuses...

So far, so good. Lara was a bit of a whinger on the flight, but there were no lengthy tantrums, she just got very tired and couldn't get off to sleep. She sorted that out in the taxi to the hotel, she was asleep before we'd left the airport. As you can see, we're relaxing in the hotel bar now while Lara is still sleeping in her pram. I did feel I deserved a litre of Baltica 7, but it's taking me some time to drink it! Olga's mum arrives early tomorrow morning, so we'll explore our surroundings tonight, and see how Lara copes with the time difference.

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