Friday, 24 April 2009

SP Update

Here's a very quick update while I make sure Lara's well asleep in our room, and Olga and Luda catch up next door in Luda's room. The temperature has been rising all week, from being 1 degree C on Monday, to 7 on Wednesday, 9 yesterday and a barmy 12 today (I went out without a hat!). You can see from this photo though, taken on Tuesday, just how much ice is still floating around on the River Neva:

On Thursday we went to Peterhof, the Tsar's Summer Residence. It was quite breathaking, even when there were no leaves on the trees and only a fraction of the 170-something fountains were turned on..

OK, Lara seems to be well asleep now (finally - she's having a great time and finds it difficult to slow down and remember that she's actually knackered and needs to go to sleep, everything is such an adventure for her!) so I can go and get Olga and we can have our dinner, it's only 10.25pm...

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