Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wednesday is Family Day

As I'm still using up last year's holiday, we were all at home today, and the nice Spring weather meant that after pottering around all morning, we went for a walk in the afternoon; I thought it would be nice to show Olga the Bourne End to Cookham stretch of the Thames Path that I walked on Friday with Mishka. Much as we try, we still can't convince Mishka that swimming is a good thing, he'll happily paddle upto his chest, but no amount of treats we throw into deeper water will make him swim. Perhaps we shouldn't have thrown him in the hydrotherapy pool all those months ago!
Lara was very accomodating this morning, she must have known Olga & I were on holiday, and she had a lie-in until 9am. In fact it was only Mishka who was awake and crying at 7am, but I'm afraid we just ignored him and he quietened down before he woke Lara. A 9am wake-up did throw Lara's sleeping and feeding routine into disarray, but every once in a while it's nice to buck the system, and we just fed her when she was hungry, and it didn't take long for her to go to sleep at 8pm.
Olga's back to work tomorrow, Lara's back to nursery, so I've got the day to myself... which of the ten million jobs on our list at home should I start but not finish?! Ah, thinking about it, it's Day One of Crufts and that means Terrier Day. The BBC aren't covering it, but the Kennel Club are streaming it live on the internet, so I'll try to remember to watch the Airedale judging, but the contest begins at 8.30am. One of our friends from Planet Airedale is showing her bitch, so I need to keep an eye out for her. We're going to see her and her two airedales in a couple of weeks time to let Mishka play with them, so maybe he'll be playing with a Crufts Champion!

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