Saturday, 7 March 2009

Holiday Time!

Finally we're off on holiday today! I booked a cottage in South Wales for the coming week, near Cardigan, on the north coast of the Pembrokeshire peninsula. I actually won an auction on eBay for the week's rental, posted by the owner as a way of letting the property at the last minute. If you can wait that late, I can certainly recommend this way, the discount we got was huge on the regular price. Their website is here and we're staying in the Stables cottage. They have dogs, donkeys, pigs, chickens and goats, so both Mishka and Lara should have friends to play with.
We're staying tonight with my sister near Bristol, it will be very nice to see Lara and Lizzie playing together.
The plan is to mix up lots of fresh air activities, nice long walks on beaches, perhaps even have a try at mountain biking (without the mountain bit), with a day or two of doing absolutely nothing other than pottering round the cottage - it is a holiday after all!
Oh, any help with how to pronounce the name of the place we're going will be most appreciated!
The cottage claims to have wireless internet access, and we'll be taking Olga's Mac, so hopefully we'll post an update or two and some photos during the week.

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