Tuesday, 3 March 2009

So, what's been happening?

Ohhh, where to begin? Maybe I'll break it down into several posts... let's just say it's been a very busy last 10 days or so.
Last week Olga and I were busy with training a new client to use our software, which is harder than it sounds, but doesn't really make for enthralling posts on a blog. Well, I was training on Monday to Wednesday, then Olga took over on Thursday and Friday. I had to work in London too on Thursday, but I've had to use up some holidays left over from last year, so I was off on Friday. I had to work yesterday, but I'm on holiday now until Friday, phew!

Lara - how's she? Well, she still has a cough and cold, I can't remember a time when she wasn't snotty, it's been that long. Her cough only really happens at night, and it's not generally bad enough that we need to get up to check on her, although occasionally we do get up and give her a drink of water. Other than this, she's absolutely great. She's eating a lot, and consequently looking very healthy (other than the runny nose and hacking cough!!); new things on the menu include omelette, ravioli and any other pasta, smoked salmon, prawns and ciabatta. She demolished a whole Tesco ham sandwich on Sunday when we were out walking! We rarely need to feed her jar food now, and we tend to save that for emergencies when we've stayed out longer than we intended to and she needs an impromtu feed.

Of course we've taken lots of photos in the last 10 days, as usual. They're all in the New Uploads album to the left of the blog, but here's one that I want to include here, it's Lara back in her bouncer on March 1st!

And for comparison, here she is on April 9th last year!

This video is worth watching, if only for Lara's dance at the end....

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