Thursday, 12 March 2009

A trip to Mwnt

How do you say Mwnt? It's a lovely bay just 10 minutes from the cottage, especially out of season. We were the only people there at first, and that meant Mishka could have a runabout off the lead, but then we were joined by a couple of metal detectorists (they were unsuccessful!)
Perhaps Mwnt is actually the hill overlooking the bay, but either way, it was a great place to spend an hour or so. The weather was poor in the morning at the cottage, with heavy drizzle, and it was time to deploy the raincover on the baby carrier for the first time, but this just guaranteed that the drizzle would blow over and the sun came out.
The wind was strong, which meant that the surf was very much "up", but this didn't stop one visitor from going for a swim after we'd left the beach to go and see the 13th century church overlooking the bay..

One we were back at the cottage, Olga had a dabble at some painting while Lara and I played on the decking, checking out the animals in the field below. This photo shows Lara telling Olga about what the pigs and chickens had been up to this afternoon:

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