Friday, 13 March 2009

Babysitter required - only 11 months notice

It was a big struggle, but on Thursday morning I was able to secure two tickets for Michael Jackson at the O2! This was after trying for much of the morning on Wednesday, but falling victim - like many others - to the Ticketmaster gremlins. It was a big relief to have an internet connection at the cottage, otherwise we would definitely have missed out, and we didn't want that. I saw him live at Roundhay Park in Leeds in 1992 and vowed I would see him again - we'll have to wait until February 2010, but it's something we're both more than happy to do, the man is an entertainment genius.
So, we'll be looking for a Wednesday night babysitter! I did try to get some more tickets this morning during the General Sale, for the summer shows, but Ticketmaster was even worse than it was on Wednesday, and they still have the bare-faced cheek to charge £9 booking fee per ticket!!!!!!

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