Monday, 16 February 2009

Back to normal *fingers crossed*

Lara is back at nursery today, feeling much more like her normal self I hope. The nursery told me this morning that last week was a particularly bad week, with most of the kids in the "baby room" off with the same trouble as Lara, which is reassuring, at least we know it was nothing we did at home that caused it, and she can carry on trying out new foods like prawns.
It probably wasn't the norovirus after all, as my symptoms weren't as bad as I would have expected, and Olga didn't catch it (yet!), but just some more general "virus" that really laid her low. Olga looked after her on Wednesday and Thursday, and we brought her into work with us on Friday. Olga's in the middle of a very busy time at work at the moment, so much so that to give her some peace and quiet to get some work done at home, I took Lara up to Radcliffe to see Grandma and Grandad for the weekend. Perhaps the change of scenery and routine did the trick, but she immediately perked up, and loved being fussed over by Grandma. Her appetite was most definitely back, but we kept it simple - just chicken, carrots, broccoli and pasta, but Lara wolfed it all down on Saturday and Sunday.
I took the opportunity to go to the cinema on Saturday night after Lara went to bed, to watch Valkyrie. Given it was Valentine's night, I didn't feel too uncomfortable on my own! Who takes their better half to go and see Valkyrie for a romantic night out?!
On Sunday we tested out Lara's powers of recognition by making a video-call on Skype to Olga, and Lara recognised her mum straightaway, and it was particularly cute when she reached her arms out towards the laptop screen, looking for a hug!
The only hiccup all weekend was on the way home, where the curse of the M6 struck - how people manage to crash on the section between Manchester and Stoke so often, I just don't know. I've not seen an easier bit of motorway to drive on in all the country, and yet there are regular pile-ups there, and last night was no exception. Perhaps the fact it's so easy is the trouble, people stop concentrating. It's flippin' annoying though, and it took two hours to get through, the only plus being that it happened near some services, and Lara filled her nappy half a mile before them, so we went in there for a change and something to eat. Good timing, Lara!

Lara was a bit dazed and confused once she woke up when we got home at just before 10pm, it seemed to take her a few minutes to work where she was, but after a nice bowl of porridge, she went out like a light and had to be woken this morning at 6.30 for breakfast. Long may that continue!!

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