Saturday, 21 February 2009

2 1/2 F

Today was the day to join the scrum at Clarke's shoe shop to get Lara her first pair of proper shoes. I hadn't bothered to notice before how busy it was with kids! The girl serving us was very good, and although Lara needs a popular size of shoe - 2 1/2 F - they had one of the style we liked, although they are a little pink! Not only that, but she had her photo taken with a polaroid camera, put in a little "My First Shoes" frame, and we got a little booklet detailing how her feet should grow and when we should be thinking about getting her her next pair. All very helpful, really, and she did us proud with her pose for the photo.

In other news, she had her 14-month immunisation jabs on Thursday, a booster for PCV (pneumococcal) and her first MMR shot. This might cause her to show symtoms over the next few weeks, including a high temperature. Indeed she had a slightly raised temperature yesterday, and the nursery called Olga about it. This is rather cheeky really, as according to their policy, they ought to treat it with calpol and see if it drops, and only if it doesn't then they should call us. Olga's going to mention this to the nursery staff on Monday as it's quite likely she'll have bouts of raised temperature over the next few weeks, and all we'd do is treat her with calpol, so we'd expect the staff to do that rather than call us to collect her at the first opportunity.

Tonight we're going over to Reading for Lucy's birthday. I'll bring Lara back after an hour or so, but Olga is out on the razzle and will be staying in the hotel where Lucy & Sergei work. I'll pick her up tomorrow with Lara & Mishka and we'll go for a walk.
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