Wednesday, 18 February 2009

"Another waffffer-thin mint, Mr Creosote?"

Lara is feeling back to her normal self now, so much so that she seems to be trying to make up for not eating much last week. She pretty much had two dinners tonight, including some lamb for the first time, and an entire banana, which is encouraging as she wouldn't touch one last week. I don't know if she really can put weight on so quickly, but she just looks (and feels!) like she's put quite a few ounces / grammes on in just the five days that she's been feeling better. I know we feel better about having a podgy baby again!

She's getting closer to walking too now. At Grandma's she was able to stumble along for three or four steps behind her doll's pram, and she will walk with someone holding her up now for more than ten steps. We've decided it's time to buy her some proper shoes, as having some support and grip can only help, I think. Naturally Olga's is delighted at the thought of Saturday morning shoe shopping!!

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