Monday, 5 January 2009

3 New Years in One Night

Lucy and Sergei came round on Wednesday night to say goodbye to 2008; Lucy brought lots of Russian salads, I provided my signature salsa and guacamole, and there was plenty of other nibbles to keep us going past midnight. We weren't quite expecting how far past midnight we'd go!
Lara stayed up long enough to say hello then goodnight to our visitors, then we tuned Sky in to the Russia Today channel to see if they were showing the New Year celebrations in Moscow... we got there just in time to see Uncle Dimitri Medvedev giving his New Year speech (dubbed into English!) and the fireworks above Red Square... here's a photo I've pilfered off the net:

Then we popped the cork on some champagne at midnight, and Lara still didn't stir...

So it was Hello! to 2009, and as usual the fireworks in London were spectacular, although we were happy to watch them on TV rather than stand outside for 7 hours waiting for them. Sergei wanted to go and see them in person next year but I think now he'll be happy to watch them on TV with a glass of bubbly. (Lara is still asleep at this point...).
At this point "we" (I don't know whose idea it was) decided it would be a good idea to stay up for midnight in New York. We had enough food and drink to manage it, and the music channels on Sky provided the entertainment (and Olga and her moonwalking).. and STILL Lara slept on.
So we made it through to 5am, and watched the celebrations in Time Square on one of the news channels, it looked just like this photo also pilfered from the net (it seems to be from 2007 though!):

By now it was getting on for 5.30am, and Lara still hadn't stirred. I took the executive decision to walk Mishka now rather than sleep, then get up to walk him, so it was getting on for 6am before Olga and I retired, at which point.... Lara stirred. Very loudly. We tried taking her to bed with us, but she was having none of it, she'd missed the party and wanted to start her own, so poor Olga drew the short straw and had to stay up to feed her and play with her, until she decided it was time for a shift change at 11am. Having had 5 hours undisturbed sleep, I was feeling relatively OK, and was more than happy to take Lara off to Anton and Becca's in the afternoon for lovely mulled wine - and I'm sure the mince pies that were on offer were equally nice, but I'm not a fan for some reason. Lucy and Sergei had left by the time I was back, and we had a nice quiet evening. Until Lara decided that her New Year's resolution for 2009 was to forget what a good sleeper she'd been for two weeks, and decided it was time to scream her little head off whenever I tried to get her back off to sleep after she woke about 11.30pm. She just wouldn't let me stop stroking her back while she was in the cot, if I stopped or moved away a little, the screaming started again. In the end I got my book, turned the lights on in the nursery and let her play between 1am and 2am, until she started to show good signs of tiredness. Even then the only way I could get her to sleep was in her pram downstairs in the lounge, so I slept on the sofa.

She's been perfectly fine during the day, but since new year she just hasn't slept properly at all, and has been in the pram downstairs each night since then, with Olga and I alternating who was staying with her. We assume it's her teeth that are bugging her, it seems that she can sleep for an hour, maybe two, then she is racked with discomfort for 5 minutes, then she goes back to sleep. It's a coincidence that her cold finished around new year, maybe without those symptoms bugging her, all she notices now when she sleeps is her teeth?
That said, tonight - Monday - she has gone to sleep in her cot, and has only woken once in the last 3 hours, and is asleep as I write, so we're hoping that the latest stage of teething is passing and she might return to the wonderful nights of 12 hours sleep! Her new Po Tellytubby is a great help too when she needs to sleep, providing 5 minutes of soothing (for Lara) music then shutting itself off, allowing us to creep out of the nursery without waking her, so thanks Grandma!

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