Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Lara's Day with Dad

It was a long day for both of us yesterday, starting with dropping Mum off at the railway station at 8am so she could go to work in London, then it was back home for porridge and a nap (me, not Dad). Then there was a busy morning of playing with my toys with Dad, before an early lunch at 11.30. There was time for a second nap between 12 and 1, then we took Mishka for a walk round the block; it was lovely outside, with clear blue skies and still some of that nice white stuff on the floor. I couldn't see much because Dad had squeezed me into that carrier thing which holds me to his front, and I had to breathe in his smelly breath for 10 minutes. Then we went to a pub, which isn't unusual but this was one I'd not been to before. Dad says it was The Stag in Flackwell Heath. It had a lovely view from the beer garden over farmer's fields, and Dad had a hot chocolate with marshmellows while we sat outside and I had some snacks. A little furry fella came and sat on our table, I think he was after my snacks, I tried to talk to him but he doesn't speak Dog, which is the only language I know. The barmaid in the pub was making very complimentary noises about me and my new hat; it is lovely and warm.

I had a third nap while Dad drove me somewhere else I've not been to - the huge Tesco superstore in Slough. He takes me to all the best places, you know! He even remembered to feed me in the cafe before pushing me round in a trolley for two hours. Whenever I got a bit bored I'd just entertain the people around me with a song, and I even grabbed the arm of one nice old lady, who gave me a big kiss in return. I didn't mind Dad wandering up and down each aisle twice though because most of the things he put in there are for me anyway! Shopping is a tiring activity, and I had to have a fourth nap while we drove back to High Wycombe to meet Mum, who gave me my tea before Dad showed me how to fall asleep in my cot by falling asleep in the chair next to me.
Just for good measure I woke up and screamed 20 minutes after I heard Mum and Dad go to bed, but Dad came down and persuaded me it that if I went to sleep quickly then Mum would buy me a pony when I'm older. I tried getting Mum to come to see me at 1.30am so we could discuss what colour of pony, but I only cried for a few minutes before I got bored and went back to sleep on my own.

Today is Mum's Day with me, so we can discuss it at length and at a very high volume then....
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