Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Christmas 2008

We drove up to Radcliffe to my Mum & Dad's on Christmas Day morning, and stayed until Sunday lunchtime. Lara enjoyed herself a lot, being fussed over by Grandma & Grandad, and enjoyed all her new presents, she has her own pushchair with a doll now to push around, and her teletubby Po always makes her laugh.
Lara continued her good sleeping pattern even in unusual surroundings, which meant that Olga and I were able to go out for an evening in Bury for a few drinks on the Saturday. Mishka wasn't ignored - quite the opposite in fact, as he got hours and hours of attention from us while we hand-stripped his coat; he looks much better now, although he was a cute furball before, he looks like the elegant Airedale that he's supposed to be now - if only he acted like it!
We called in at our friends place on the way back - Rob & Lizz, who now have a beautiful brother, James, for Juliet. It's amazing how light little babies are when you pick them up!

Here are some photos from Radcliffe:

And a couple of funny videos - my Dad needs a frame to help him walk at the moment, but Lara thought it was fun to borrow it from time to time:

But she did bring it back...

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